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The Ultimate Schoolwear Service

Our years of experience have shown us what matters to both schools and parents when it comes to schoolwear. 

It has led us to create a fully-featured schoolwear service that leverages our purchasing power and production capability to provide schools with high-quality, affordable schoolwear along with our focus on outstanding customer service.

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Schoolwear for primary school children & secondary school children

It All Starts With Quality Products

Footprint's experienced team supply an extensive range of schoolwear in an array of colours and styles to suit any school's requirements.  We also supply associated items such as book bags and professional-quality sports kits at incredibly competitive prices.

We focus carefully on providing products which offer the great quality and value that parents demand.

School Badge Plan Example

We Meticulously Customise Each Garment

The quality of the customisation of each product is critical to the success of a school uniform. 

Our expert team plan the customisation of each garment carefully in relation to the garment type and the school requirements to give the best possible result.

Once the products are off the production line they go through a finishing and QA (Quality Assurance) process to ensure that each item is ready for sale.

School Badge Plan Example
Multiple Fulfilment Options

We have 3 options for uniform fulfilment: Our retail store, online, and direct-to-school delivery.

With our online store option, we professionally photograph each and every garment for display on our website, so that parents have a clear view of each item they are about to purchase.

We create a dedicated online department for each school, so that parents can easily shop by size, colour and garment type, increasing the ease of the shopping experience and parental satisfaction.

For all delivery options, we ensure that we have all core items in-stock and ready to go for next day delivery.  Our dedicated team process each order so that garments leave our production facility on time, every time.

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